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Meet Zach Lamothe

Builder of the Week

Canadian Entrepreneur

Founder of Oso Simply

Co-Founder of Mile1

Zach Grand Canyon 2

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How did he start working on Mile1?

  • Had a friend back in Winnipeg who worked in retail and saw the retailer's struggles in entering the world of ecommerce
  • Mile1 is trying to fix what Canada Post is doing wrong
  • About 1.5 years ago, Zach joined his friend as a co-founder

How did Zach start working on Oso Simply?

  • Oso Simply is a passion project for Zach
  • He has always been passionate about sustainability and about 3 years ago he ran a race and raised enough money to plant 500 trees
  • The next year he wanted to raise enough money to plant 1,000 trees, but didn't want to be the annoying guy trying to raise money
  • Oso Simply was his solution to that problem

How does Oso Simply work?

  • It's a way to donate money for charity by watching ads - it's donating to charity for free!
  • They have ads on their site that you can watch to support different organizations and initiatives

What progress has Mile1 made?

  • Mile1 launched in April 2019
  • Passed 1,000 deliveries after about 10 months
  • Passed 4,000 deliveries 3 months later
  • Now working with 35-40 retailers in Toronto, including some international brands

How does Zach manage having a full-time job as a consultant while also working on Mile1 & Oso Simply?

  • It can be difficult, but good time management is the key
  • He tries to make good use of his 9-5 and then be efficient with his time spent on his other projects
  • Bringing on team members for the other projects has helped, because now he can delegate tasks and rely on his teammates

What is Zach's end goal?

  • With everything he does, his goal is to contribute to a more sustainable future
  • He wants to develop the skills necessary to help people's lives improve, without destroying the earth

How can you support & get to know Zach?

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