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Meet Taylor Ealand

Builder of the Week

Co-Founder of Verahealth

Law Student


What is Verahealth?

  • Small businesses are struggling to safely screen customers and employees
  • Verahealth has created an app to allow employees and customers to pre-screen themselves at home to make screening easier and keep everyone safe and healthy.

What's Verahealth's end goal?

  • Nobody knows what the pandemic will look like next month, but Verahealth's goal is to help businesses re-open and stay open so that people can keep paying the bills

What inspired Verahealth?

  • Taylor's parents are both health care administrators, so they both had an early eye on COVID-19
  • The first thing that became apparent when California first opened up, was that people were using pen and pad to take down information from customers, which is immediately a red flag in terms of spreading the virus
  • Started as a way to digitalize checklists and turned into a fully-functioning screening app

What are Verahealth's biggest accomplishments?

  • Getting on the app stores was a huge accomplishment because app stores were really hesitant to allow COVID apps onto their platforms
  • Getting the local government on board was a huge accomplishment as well

What are Verahealth's next steps?

  • The focus now is on getting new clients
  • Current clients range from doctor's offices to gyms to restaurants, etc.
  • Different states also have different requirements which makes breaking into new markets difficult

How can people support Taylor and Verahealth?

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