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Meet Sam Ellis

Builder of the Week

Graphic Designer

Student at Utah Valley University


Sam Ellis Sam Ellis
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What is Sam’s dream?

Sam wants to find his place in the graphic design industry and work for a great company like Game Informer. He also wants to do freelance work and help songwriters like himself create album artwork. On the music front, chasing a career in music is incredibly risky, so he’s always considered making music a hobby. No matter what happens, Sam says that he’ll always make music.

How did Sam begin this journey?

As a kid, Sam was always drawing, painting, and doing artistic things. It seems that graphic design was a natural step for him. It’s a career that will allow him to harness what he enjoys.

Sam’s music career began as a way to simply entertain his friends, and he eventually fell in love with it. He’s now put in his “10,000 hours,” and it's just become a part of him. Sam’s journey into music was aided by his friendship with Parker, a producer who makes music under the moniker “NorthWestKid.” The two met in middle school and bonded over their mutual desire to make music. Sam feels that working with Parker drove Sam to make better music because Parker is such a talented artist.

What are some of Sam’s major accomplishments?

When Sam first started making music, nobody took him very seriously. He kept promising that he would drop a mixtape, and much to his friends’ disbelief, Sam and Parker did drop a mixtape together. Sam has also released two solo mixtapes on SoundCloud: S.E.E. and A.R.T., and several singles. He’s accumulated nearly 8,000 listens on his Soundcloud channel.

At UVU, he’s been accepted into the graphic design program and is about two years away from graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design.

Sam has had to overcome obstacles in his journey.

His first time applying to the graphic design program, Sam wasn’t accepted. After chatting with a few friends who were accepted, he realized that he was only a few points away from being chosen for the program. It was incredibly frustrating for him, but he didn’t give up. Sam explained that “when you know what you want to do in life, giving up isn't an option.” Sam applied in the next admission cycle and was accepted.

What’s next for Sam?

Sam is preparing to apply for the Bachelor of Fine Arts program. He is also currently working on an album, which will be coming to major platforms like YouTube, Apple Music, and Spotify, sometime in 2020.

How can people support Sam?

Follow him on Instagram: @sperrins247. You can also follow his design account: @sam.ellis.entertainment. By following those accounts, you’ll be able to see new design work and music announcements. If you have any requests for designs, you can also DM Sam for commissions.

You can also follow Sam on SoundCloud. And once the album comes out you’ll be able to find his music on Apple Music and Spotify.

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