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Meet Pradarshan P aka Prado

Builder of the Week

Founder of G.O.A.T. Book Club

Digital Nomad

Prado’s Picture

What is G.O.A.T. Book Club?

  • A place where you can have beautiful & important conversations with authors via Zoom

What inspired Prado to start building G.O.A.T. Book Club?

  • When the pandemic started, he ran out of freelance work
  • He felt like there wasn't a place he could go to have conversations with other book lovers, so he wanted to create a community of book lovers
  • Decided to try and get some authors on a group Zoom call, but he didn't know any authors
  • Prado realized that even authors were affected by the pandemic, so it was a perfect time for them to get in contact with their readers
  • He started it with "less than no money"

What is Prado's end goal?

  • Have more conversations with great minds and understand life from their perspective

What has G.O.A.T. Book Club accomplished so far?

  • Prado has hosted more than 20 authors on G.O.A.T. Book Club
  • He has started getting people reaching out to him about doing events
  • Was able to have conversations with people he looks up to

What obstacles has Prado overcome so far?

  • After about a month, Zoom fatigue kicked in which was difficult to deal with
  • It was also difficult to handle the stress and pressure of working for himself

What are the next steps for G.O.A.T. Book Club?

  • Continue getting incredible authors to join him for his events and keep checking incredible authors off of his list

How can people support Prado?

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