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People of Growth

Vöxtur is all about growth, but growth doesn't look the same for every person. That's why we love to reach out to extraordinary people around the world and pick their brains. What makes them tick? How did they accomplish what they have so far, and what are their plans to continue to excel? We hope their answers can help you to get past a roadblock or answer some questions in your personal journey. Whatever your ambitions, why not see if you can learn a thing or two from our favorite People of Growth?


Meet Cokie Hasiotis

Cokie Hasiotis is the Chief of Staff at The Block, the Founder and CEO of Lasagna Consulting, and an advisor for Fintech Today. In this interview, Cokie and Nate discuss how she got wrapped up in so many cool companies, and how she gained the skills necessary to make an impact everywhere she goes. Also, […]

chris davis 2

Meet Chris Davis

Chris Davis is the Founder and Chief Automation Officer of Automation Bridge, a resource for Automating your Marketing. In this interview, Chris and Nate discuss his experience in automation at Lockheed Martin, his journey finding the right mentors, and how he started Automation Bridge. Connect with Chris: Connect with him on LinkedIn Follow him on […]


Meet Gabe Gordon

Gabe Gordon is the co-founder of Reach Agency. He’s spent 15 years doing cool things with brands like General Motors, the NFL, Walmart, Pepsi Co., Nestle. In this interview, Gabe and Nate talk about how Gabe got into content marketing, his experience at William Morris, and how he started up Reach. Gabe also discusses how […]

Uniting_College_2016-027 copy

Meet Tim Hein

Reverend Doctor Tim Hein is a minister at Malvern Uniting Church, and the Director of Discipleship at Uniting College for Leadership & Theology, where he teaches on Christian spirituality and discipleship within the Adelaide College of Divinity and Flinders University. In this interview, Tim and Taylor discuss his ministry and how he helps those who […]


Meet Leslie Hale

Leslie Hale is an astrologer for Keen.com. She has been studying and practicing metaphysics and other spiritual disciplines for decades and this interview dives into what that’s like on a day to day and how she got to where she is today. A bit more about Leslie: Astrologer Leslie Hale offers professional astrology readings for […]


Meet Justin Warden

Justin Warden is the co-founder of Ader Gaming. He went through 500 Startups, the Disney Accelerator, and was awarded a place in Forbes 30 under 30 for gaming. In this interview, Justin and Nate talk about the “sexy side of entrepreneurship,” sleeping on the floor, persistence, and passion. Connect with Justin: Connect with him on LinkedIn […]

LivetheLight – Nicole B headshot

Meet Nicole Bowman

Nicole Bowman is a psychic, medium, and intuitive artist. In this interview, Nicole and Nate talk about emotional intelligence and so much more! Connect with Nicole: Follow her on Facebook Follow her on Instagram Check out her Keen.com profile Check out her personal website   Join Our Emails of Growth Club One email per month. […]

E Fedrick_2

Meet Dr. Elizabeth Fedrick

Dr. Elizabeth Fedrick is a Licensed Professional Counselor and the owner of Evolve Counseling & Behavioral Health Services in Gilbert, AZ. In this episode, Liz talks about what it’s like to own her own practice and how she’s able to destress and separate the emotional rollercoaster of therapy from home life. Taylor and Liz also […]


Meet Akash Magoon

Akash Magoon is the co-founder and CTO of Nayya, an artificially intelligent platform that is simplifying insurance decisions for business leaders and benefits managers, and trying to improve the healthcare experience for individual employees. Some of the topics we covered: What artificial intelligence and machine learning actually are Why he founded Nayya and the problem […]


Meet Zach Bloxham

Zach Bloxham is an attorney and a City Councilman. In this episode, Nate and Zach discuss his experience at Gonzaga (where Nate is currently studying law), and Zach delves into how he got involved in his local politics. Some of the topics we covered: How he ended up at Gonzaga University School of Law How […]


Meet Pilaar Terry

Pilaar Terry is an entertainment PR and marketing specialist. Pilaar got a degree in Broadcast Journalism but quickly found out that was NOT what she wanted to do. In this episode, Nate and Pilaar talk about finding what you DO want to do by figuring out what you don’t. They also discuss how saying “no” […]


Meet Melissa Cristina Márquez

Melissa Cristina Márquez is a shark biologist, founder of The Fins United Initiative, and public speaker in the scientific community. In this interview, Nate and Melissa talk about the experiences she’s had swimming with and studying sharks (and crocodiles on occasion!). You’ll be amazed at the things Melissa has learned from shark behavior and what […]


Meet Anuj Abrol

Anuj Abrol is the founder of Witty Wealth, a weekly comedic deep dive and analysis into stocks, the stock market, and the investors that have made their fortunes in it. In this interview, Nate and Anuj talk about working with Justin Kan, and the difference between midwest and coastal atmospheres for finance and tech industries. […]


Meet Grayson Allen

Grayson Allen is the co-founder of Halen, a company that makes GateSense, a WiFi-enabled smart lock for any gate, and LaundrySense, a device that turns any old washer into a smart washer that can send you status notifications about your laundry. He’s also the creator of TopoCase, a highly customizable 3D phone case. In this […]


Meet Dr. Bradley Garrett

Dr. Bradley Garrett is a social geographer and author of Bunker: Building for the End Times, along with four other great books. In this interview, Nate and Dr. Garrett discuss his adventures doing archeological dives, exploring the literal underground of London, and so many more incredible stories! On his new book, Bunker: Building For The […]


Meet Nick Abouzeid

Nick Abouzeid is the head of marketing at MainStreet, a company that helps startups get an average of $50k of IRS credits in as little as 20 minutes. In this interview, Nate and Nick talk about how he went from selling paintball guns in middle school to running a NY bakery in college and how […]


Meet Dr. Denver Fowler

Dr. Denver Fowler is the curator of the Badlands Dinosaur Museum at the Dickinson Museum Center. In this interview, Taylor and Denver talk about his diverse paleontology experiences, from digging up dinosaur fossils to working as an associate producer on a TV series called Prehistoric Park. Here’s a quick summary! On his life as a […]

Jimmie Whisman1

Meet Jimmie Whisman

Jimmie Whisman is a comedian and the co-host of the podcasts Small Town Murder and Crime in Sports. In this episode, Nate and Jimmie talk about what it’s actually like being in comedy (it’s not all laughs) and how he got started with his podcasts. Here’s a quick summary! On how he got started podcasting: […]


Meet Chase Björnson

Chase Björnson is a visual arts and creative branding expert who worked in the music industry with artists like Bon Iver, Zeds Dead, and Mumford and Sons. In this interview, Nate and Chase talk about how Chase got into the music industry, what his plans are now that COVID has halted live concerts, and how […]


Meet Brock Booher

Brock Booher is a commercial pilot for Southwest Airlines and a published author. In this interview, he talks about flying into enemy territory for the USAF, what it’s like to fly through hail and thunderstorms, and the process of writing and getting published. Here’s a quick summary! On his journey from Kentucky to Southwest Airlines: […]


Meet Adam Ballinger

  Adam Ballinger is a retired professional basketball player and now professional artist and owner of Adam Ballinger Art. In this conversation, Nate and Adam discuss the transition from athletics to a more creative career as an illustrator. They also talk about the extra motivation having kids brings to the drive to relentlessly grind to […]


Meet Nick Klein

Nick Klein is the founder of Hostile Hare, a company driven to support people from all walks of life to become more self-reliant by learning to, as Nick says, “control what you eat, from seed to meat.” In this interview, Taylor and Nick discuss how anyone can make small steps to be more self-reliant and […]


Meet Wes Kao

Wes Kao is a master marketer and previously was the co-creator of the AltMBA. Wes works with CEOs and their teams to design, build, and launch the first version of a new product or line of business. She has worked with clients like Poo-Pourri, Morning Brew, and Professor Galloway at NYU Stern. Wes explained what […]


Meet Nick Zentner

Nick Zentner teaches geology at Central Washington University in Ellensburg, Washington, USA. Nick is an incredible storyteller and speaker who has shared his knowledge with others through a variety of mediums including: a PBS television segment, Nick on the Rocks, a local television program, Central Rocks – Roadside Geology, a series of videos on HUGEfloods.com, […]

Dario Mariners

Meet Dario Pizzano ~ Part 2

Dario Pizzano is a professional baseball player, currently playing for the Winnipeg Goldeyes in the American Association of Independent Professional Baseball. Prior to joining the Goldeyes, he spent time in the New York Mets and Seattle Mariners organizations. In this interview, Dario shares the realities that minor league players face in the pursuit of their dreams, […]


Meet Joe Wallin

Joe is a Seattle-based startup and corporate attorney, and has worked primarily with early-stage growth companies since the late 1990s. He’s also the author of the brand new book Angel Investing: Start to Finish, published by Holloway. In this interview, we discussed how he found a career that makes him happy, how you can find […]

_HAB6306 (2)

Meet Kinsey Grant

  Kinsey Grant is the Business Editor and Podcast Host at Morning Brew, where she hosts Business Casual, an interview based podcast where they ask big questions with big players in the business space. Business Casual has accrued over four million listens in its first year and Kinsey has interviewed big names like Mark Cuban, […]

Ryan Delk Bigger

Meet Ryan Delk

  Ryan Delk is the co-founder and CEO of Primer, a company helping people homeschool with superpowers. Prior to co-founding Primer, Ryan was the COO of Omni, and also spent time at Gumroad and Square. Ryan shared insights on things he wishes he would have heard in college, how he thinks about mentorship, and how […]


Meet Ingri Pauline

  Ingri Pauline is a women’s nutrition and weightlifting coach. She works specifically with women in order to help meet many of the unique, unmet fitness needs that women have. These issues include post-partum pelvic floor and core rehabilitation, syncing menstrual cycles to training cycles, and the transition from menstruation to menopause. Ingri was also […]


Meet Sid Jha

Sid Jha is the author of Sunday Snapshots, a weekly newsletter about the best books, academic papers, and news. He started the newsletter in May 2019 and recently crossed the 1,000 subscriber mark. Sid grew up in India and the Phillippines and recently graduated from Northwestern University. Here’s his story… On building an email newsletter: […]


Meet Byrne Hobart

  Byrne Hobart is the author of The Diff, a daily newsletter about inflections in finance and technology. He began writing online back in high school and has used his writing to drive his career. He even obtained a job at a top-hedge fund, without a college degree, thanks in part to his prodigious writing. […]


Meet Sheel Mohnot

Sheel Mohnot is quite possibly the world’s most interesting man. He’s a founding partner of Better Tomorrow Ventures and a general partner at 500 Fintech. He’s also the Zoom Bachelor, on the upcoming mini-season of The Zoom Bachelor, a fundraiser for racial justice. On top of all that, he also co-founded The Pitch, an incredibly […]


Meet Donegal Fergus

You can find the podcast version of this interview on: Donegal Fergus is the Minor League Hitting Coordinator for the Minnesota Twins. Prior to joining the Twins, he was a college baseball coach for about 20 years. Here are the highlights from our conversation: How did Donegal start coaching? Played at Linfield College and dealt […]

Robert Berry Gallery – Robert at the Kusama show at David Zwirner

Meet Robert Berry

You can find the podcast version of this interview on: Apple Podcasts Spotify Most other podcast platforms here. Robert Berry is a gallerist, collector, and curator. He’s also the founder of the Robert Berry Gallery, a virtual art gallery. Before founding his own gallery, Robert obtained a master’s degree in art history from Brooklyn College, […]

sam cover pic

Meet Sam Lachow

You can find the podcast version of this interview on: Apple Podcasts Spotify Most podcast platforms here. Sam Lachow is a producer, songwriter, rapper, videographer, director, and editor of video and music. Based in Seattle, WA, Sam began making music in middle school and has built a career for himself as a musician. In this […]


Meet Marco Marandiz

Marco is a co-founder and the Head of Marketing at Elliot. Before Elliot, he spent time as a product developer at Capital One, a product manager at HomeAway, and a direct-to-consumer consultant. His ultimate goal is to advance humanity and civilization, and he believes that Elliot is on its way to doing just that. Here’s […]

Tobias headshot

Meet Tobias Carlisle

Tobias Carlisle is the founder and managing director of Acquirers Funds, LLC. He serves as portfolio manager of the firm’s deep value strategy. Tobias is the creator of The Acquirer’s Multiple®, and the author of the books: The Acquirer’s Multiple,  Concentrated Investing, Deep Value, and Quantitative Value. Tobias has extensive experience in investment management, business valuation, […]


Meet Ashley Brasier

Ashley Brasier is a Partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners, where she focuses on early-stage consumer companies. Prior to joining Lightspeed, she obtained an MBA from Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business. Previous to business school, she was a Category Manager at Thumbtack, and worked at Bain & Company as a Senior Associate Consultant. Learn how […]


Meet Max Ogles

Max Ogles is a product leader, entrepreneur, behavior designer, and writer focused on the intersection of psychology, technology, and business. He is the author of Boost: Create Good Habits Using Psychology and Technology and has been published on TechCrunch, Entrepreneur, The NextWeb, and more. Max obtained an MBA from the University of Oxford. In this […]


Meet Gelena Skya-Wasserman

Gelena is the Founder and CEO of Skya Ventures, Inc., a design centric Real Estate Development company building ground-up multi-family products in core infill areas of Los Angeles. Prior to founding Skya Ventures, she spent time working at major commercial real estate firms in Los Angeles. Gelena’s story is one of determination, hard work, and […]


Meet Ablorde Ashigbi

Ablorde Ashigbi is the founder and CEO of 4Degrees, a company helping you automatically track your relationships & deals with actionable intelligence to help you move them forward. Prior to founding 4Degrees he was a venture capitalist with Pritzker Group in Chicago. He began his career at Bain & Company as a consultant and is […]

03.22.18_Alpha Bridge__Headshots_0023

Meet Jake Chapman

Jake Chapman is a Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Alpha Bridge Ventures. A former attorney, he spent time at Cooley before founding a few start-ups. After one of his companies was acquired he began his transition into venture investing. Read how Jake got in touch with his “Why?” and began investing in the future that […]

Alexa Headshot

Meet Alexa Bailey

Alexa Bailey, LMSW is a clinical therapist specializing in trauma, mood disorders, and adolescent treatment. She obtained a Master of Social Work degree from Arizona State University, and a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Northern Arizona University. Alexa is caring, kind, and friendly. She is an advocate for self-care and healthy habits. Here is […]

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Meet Delian Asparouhov

Delian is a venture capitalist based in San Francisco. Prior to joining Founders Fund, he was a Thiel Fellow working on an enterprise healthcare startup. He also spent time as the VP of Growth at Teespring, before beginning his career as an investor at Khosla Ventures. Delian is also the host of Operators, a podcast […]


Meet Nikhil Krishnan

Nikhil is the Founder of Get Real, a company making it easier to make friends via structured online-offline relationships. He also writes Out Of Pocket, a newsletter exploring the intersection of healthcare and comedy. In this interview, Nikhil shares insights on effective networking, relationship building, and much more! Find him on Twitter @nikillinit. Here’s his […]


Meet Ezra Levine

Ezra is a father, husband, and the CEO of a startup that will allow you to buy shares of iconic sports memorabilia just like you buy shares of public companies. Ezra started his career in a sales role at Bloomberg before transitioning to a New York hedge fund. He’s also helped build The Spring League, […]


Meet Joe Magee

Meet Joe Magee, a husband, father, and entrepreneur. An avid surfer and snowboarder, Joe recently sold a company and is now considering what the next phase of his life will look like. He finds importance in breaking down obstacles and goals into manageable pieces and seeks to minimize risk as an entrepreneur. Here’s his story! […]

Ellen DaSilva_126 copy

Meet Ellen DaSilva

Ellen is a wife, mother, and the Director of Strategic Partnerships at hims & hers. A graduate of Harvard Business School, Ellen has spent time working at Barclays Capital and Twitter. Ellen was also a Partner at Rough Draft Ventures where she invested in student teams from the Boston area. She also co-authored the book […]


Meet Tony Xiao

Meet Tony Xiao, an entrepreneur bringing mindfulness to finance. Tony was born and raised in China before moving to Canada for high school. Prior to starting Alka, he attended Princeton University and was a member of the Summer 2012 batch of Y Combinator. Here is his story! Who are you and what are you working […]


Meet Ed Latimore

Ed Latimore is a bestselling author and former professional heavyweight boxer. He is a U.S. Army Veteran and at the age of 33 obtained a degree in physics. Ed wrote the book Sober Letters To My Drunken Self, and recently celebrated six years of sobriety. Ed shared how he used adversity to his advantage, what […]

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