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Meet Becca Christensen

Builder of the Week

Owner of Brightlingsea Boutique

An Online Women’s Clothing

And Accessories Boutique

Becca Christensen Becca Christensen
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Becca Christensen Becca Christensen
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What is Becca’s dream?

Becca has always wanted to share her love of clothing with others. She dreams of building her online boutique into a brick-and-mortar business with a storefront and employees, but Becca’s ultimate goal is to design her own clothing.

What inspired her to build Brightlingsea Boutique?

Becca has always loved clothes. Even when Becca was very young, she was really picky about what she wore. If her mom chose an outfit that she didn’t like, she would throw a huge fit! 

When she was in eighth grade, Becca told her mom that she wanted to be a fashion designer, but everyone told her that it was an impossible dream. 

Later in life, while living in Arizona, Becca worked in a clothing store. She learned that she loved helping people find outfits that would look good on them. 

Becca is also currently a student at Brigham Young University–Idaho, where she is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary studies, with a certificate in digital marketing, small business innovation & management, and human resources management. When she had to start a business for a class assignment, she decided to finally go for it! Becca knew it was a big, risky investment, but she realized that if she never tried, she’d never know if she could accomplish her dreams.

What has Becca accomplished so far?

Becca started her business in March and had no idea if she would be able to stay up and running through COVID-19. It all depended on whether she could make enough money to keep the business afloat. While she hasn’t made enough money to pay herself, Brightlingsea Boutique is still alive, and she’s learned a lot about how to start a business. Becca recognizes that success isn’t just going to happen overnight and that it takes a lot of time to grow your business.

What obstacles has Becca overcome?

Becca has overcome a few different obstacles, the first of which is fear. Starting a business has meant that she’s had to “put herself out there” and be vulnerable. Time is another big obstacle for Becca. On top of running her boutique, she’s also a mom, wife, and full-time student! She’s learned that starting a business takes a lot more time than you would think. She says that there is a lot that goes on in the background that people don't see.

What are her next steps?

Becca is continuously releasing new clothes every week, so she is always looking for new things, but her next major step is to make enough money so that she can hire an employee.

How can people support Becca?

People can support Becca by helping spread the word!

Follow her personal page on Instagram: @becca_christensen_ as well as her business page: @brightlingsea_boutique. You can also like her shop on Facebook.  She says that sharing, commenting on, and liking her posts goes a long way!

Finally, you can visit her store at www.shopbrightlingsea.com and check out her newest pieces!

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