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Meet Joseph Lee

Builder of the Week

US Navy Veteran

Owner of Best Laces Out

Best Laces Out
Best Laces Out
Best Laces Out
Best Laces Out

What is Joseph's dream?

Joseph’s dream is to turn his sneaker consignment shop into a tourist location in Fayetteville, North Carolina. He wants his business to be a force for good in his community.

What inspired him to build Best Laces Out?

Ever since Joseph was a kid browsing through the Eastbay magazines, he has felt a natural connection and love for shoes. He first started collecting them while in the Navy, and before he knew it, he had over 100 pairs of shoes! Eventually he took that love for shoes, implemented business principles, and turned it into Best Laces Out.

What has Joseph accomplished so far?

Early on Joseph used Facebook and Instagram ads to build his brand. Facebook was running a campaign to help teach local businesses about running ads on Facebook, and they chose Joseph to speak at the event and share his experience. It was a huge opportunity for him and helped him gain traction.

Today, Best Laces Out has been open for five years and has sold hundreds of shoes. Joseph has built a strong family of customers that he loves to serve and is excited to continue helping make them happy.

What obstacles has Joseph overcome?

Joseph doesn’t come from a background of business owners. In a lot of situations, he didn’t have people that he could look to for help, so he had to learn some lessons the hard way. After running his business for a while, he ran into some tax problems. This experience taught him the importance of surrounding himself with the right team of people. Just like other obstacles he has faced, Joseph didn’t let his tax issues stop him, and he was eventually able to re-open his doors and continue doing what he loves.

What are his next steps?

Currently, Joseph’s main focus is developing an app for his store. He understands the important role that technology plays in business building, and is excited to have an app for his customers to shop on. He also believes strongly that visiting his store should be an experience, so he is working on developing a new line of “Best Laces Out” merchandise. 

On top of everything else that Joseph is doing to keep his business running and growing, he is also working on growing his YouTube page. He wants to implement a travel component to his channel and help shine a light on sneaker culture throughout the world.

How can people support Joseph?

Follow Joseph and Best Laces Out on Facebook, Instagram: @Bestlacesout, and YouTube. 

And next time you’re in Fayetteville, North Carolina, swing by his storefront and buy a new pair of sneakers!

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