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Meet Jarod Penniman

Builder of the Week

Law Student

National Champion College Baseball Player

Co-Host of Official Visit

Jarod Penniman

What is Jarod’s vision for his podcast, Official Visit?

Jarod and his co-host are trying to help make the college baseball recruiting process more transparent. They want to reach thousands of people and help future college baseball players learn what they wish they had known in the recruiting process. When Jarod made the decision to play for a Division-III school, one of his high school coaches made a comment that “at least you get to keep playing,” implying that D-III baseball wasn’t real baseball. So, Jarod’s main goal is to blur the harsh distinctions between the different levels of college baseball and dispel the myths associated with those different levels.

What inspired him to start the podcast?

Jarod played baseball at a Division-III school, but growing up he wasn’t exposed to D-III schools. Most people that he knew that played college baseball either played at junior colleges or Division-I schools. Jarod really didn’t know what to expect when he decided to go to a small D-III school, but he ended up playing really high-level baseball with players that ended up getting drafted and winning a National Championship. So after spending four years playing D-III baseball and learning the differences between the different NCAA levels he realized that he wanted to help future players get the unfiltered perspective from players who had been through the process.

What has Jarod accomplished with the podcast so far?

They’ve released five total episodes, including three interviews. One of their interviews was with former teammate Nick Garcia who was drafted by the Pittsburgh Pirates in the third round 2020 MLB Draft.

What are the next steps for the podcast?

Jarod's next steps are to continue improving the podcast's marketing and social media presence, as well as eventually introducing a video aspect to the podcast. In the meantime, they’re going to continue consistently releasing weekly episodes and letting the podcast grow naturally!

How can people support Jarod and the Official Visit podcast?

Follow them on their social media accounts: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.

Check out their website.

Listen to the podcast on your favorite platform: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Anchor.

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