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Meet Christine Luckasen & Ryan Maliski

Builders of the Week

Christine is a law student

Ryan is a professor.

They are the founders of Hello Brew Co.

Hello Brew Co Hello Brew Co
Christine and Ryan Christine and Ryan
Hello Brew Co Hello Brew Co
Hello Brew Co Hello Brew Co
Hello Brew Co Hello Brew Co

What was the inspiration for starting Hello Brew Co.?

Christine is originally from Colorado but met Ryan while they were both attending the University of Missouri. Ryan was pursuing a Ph.D. in Communication and Christine was working on a  Master of Public Affairs degree as well as a Master of Arts in Communication degree. It was during this time that Ryan became interested in home brewing. He participated in several beer brewing competitions and joined the Fermentation Science Club at MU, serving as vice president and president. 

Christine didn’t really like beer, but she liked Ryan and the two moved to Stockton, California where Ryan got into professional brewing while also working as a visiting assistant professor at the University of the Pacific. After working for a while in Stockton, they moved to Spokane, Washington, where Christine is a law student at Gonzaga University and Ryan is currently working as an adjunct professor at Gonzaga University, as well as Whitworth University. Ryan also works as a bartender at Nectar Wine & Beer. 

Ryan and Christine have enjoyed traveling and visiting breweries across the country. They came across many breweries that they felt missed the mark, inspiring them to start their own brewing company. Ryan loves brewing beer, and Christine loves customer service, so starting Hello Brew Co. has given them both the chance to do what they love.

What is the dream or the end goal for them?

Ryan and Christine hope to one day have their own location, and eventually start their own incubator to help others get into the brewing business.

What have Christine & Ryan accomplished?

For Ryan and Christine, getting approved to produce alcohol in the United States was a huge success. Their first beer entering the market did very well and moved very quickly across local beer bars. They have also enjoyed working with the community and partnering with local coffee shops, using a local shop’s coffee beans to create Viva La Marty, which has been a big hit. They are currently working on brewing a honey-wheat Pride beer and will donate a portion of the profits to the Odyssey Youth Movement in Spokane, which helps homeless LGBTQ youth find housing and healthcare.

What obstacles have they overcome?

Ryan and Christine had to work very hard initially to negotiate their contract and get into the incubator. Once they were able to do that COVID-19 hit, which has brought down beer sales. They have also had their fair share of brewing mishaps, such as broken thermometers and ruined beer. They have overcome this by continually building a presence and name for themselves, while also building relationships with potential customers.

What are their next big steps?

Ryan and Christine plan to increase brewing production and expand relationships with local bars. Now that bars are opening back up, they have been stopping in together to let them know that they are still here and ready to supply.

How can people support Christine & Ryan?

Buy their beer (you can find a list of places to find their beer below), check out their webpage and online store, support their community partners, and follow their social media accounts (Instagram & Facebook)! 


Places you can find their beer:

Brandywine - Tap

Happy Trails to Brews - Tap

Pints Alehouse - Tap

Nectar Wine & Beer in Kendall Yards - Tap & Cans

Community Pint - Tap & Cans

NorthStar Taps - Tap & Cans

Rocket Market - Cans

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