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Meet Dayton Mills

Builder of the Week

Co-Founder & CEO of Branch


On the story behind Branch:

  • Many people are struggling to connect and have meaningful spontaneous conversations with others as they transition to remote work
  • Branch is striving to help companies produce serendipity in remote work via their virtual office app
  • Employees can walk around the virtual office and their voice and video move with them
  • Has been building Branch since March 2020
  • Dayton has tons of remote experience through managing remote teams and playing video games
  • Had the idea to marry the remote work experience with the online gaming experience
  • Currently, there are 13 team members working on Branch who have built the first version of the product in just 4 months

On Dayton's entrepreneurial journey:

  • Grew up in small-town Missouri and spent his time playing video games like Minecraft
  • Many people don't know, but there is a whole micro-economy within the world of Minecraft
  • Created a few Minecraft servers as a 14 or 15-year-old and brought in a few hundred dollars per month
  • One of his first creations was Statscraft, which was kind of like Google Analytics for Minecraft servers
    • Was helping track metrics for server owners
  • Statscraft was eventually acquired by Buycraft, the Shopify of the Minecraft sphere
  • Left Missouri and moved to California and joined a cryptocurrency project
  • Eventually felt the founder's itch again and left to found Beekn, a social meetup app
  • Was in a bit of a rocky place after Beekn and started doing contract work on the side and looking for work
  • Eventually got in touch with his current co-founder at Branch, who he'd known for a long time, and started building Branch

On dealing with difficult times:

  • "It comes to you"
    • You can't force the idea, it will come to you
    • Don't stress too much
    • Sometimes you have to let the creativity come to you
  • It can be good to put that itch away for a while and eventually you will feel the need to scratch the itch again
  • It's okay to not have a project, but when the idea hits you, act on it immediately

How can people support Dayton?

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