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Meet Cullin McGrath

Builder of the Week

Creator of Writer's Bloc


Product Owner


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On his career:

  • Works as a product owner for a company in the campground reservation industry
  • Fell into a niche in software (product) where he isn't fully on the development side or on the sales side
    • Works with developers to map out product features and also speaks with customers on their needs
  • Previously worked on business systems when in Michigan

On getting started writing:

  • Wrote sporadically for a long time, as he didn't really consider himself a writer
  • Has always enjoyed talking about "career" and published his first piece on LinkedIn - Leverage Technology
    • Was really nervous to publish, but the feedback was overwhelmingly positive
    • Helped him gain confidence in his writing

On why he started Writer's Bloc:

  • Likes writing because it's something he can go back and edit and polish
  • Really doubled down on writing over the last 7-8 months and began to realize some of his deficiencies
  • Had friends that he could get feedback from and really appreciated that opportunity
    • The thought came to him that everyone should have the opportunity to get feedback from others - which led to him starting Writer's Bloc

On creating Writer's Bloc:

  • Started with a loose idea and pitched two friends, Logan & Ryan, on creating Writer's Bloc
  • At first, he underestimated what it takes to build a community
  • Went from idea to live slack group in less than a month

On community:

  • Stands behind community as the way to learn and grow
  • In the past, online education had been more about "talking heads," which often lacks the discussion, ideation, and interaction that community brings
  • At Writer's Bloc they strive to build the following community habits:
    • accountability
    • weekly blocs - roundtables, guest speakers
    • review/feedback

On how to join Writer's Bloc and follow Cullin:

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