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Meet Chyanne Dover

Builder of the Week

Online Fitness Coach

Owner of Lift With Chy

Chyanne Chyanne
Chyanne Bikini Competition Chyanne Bikini Competition
Chyanne Lifting Chyanne Lifting

On getting into coaching:

  • Began preparing for first bikini competition when she was 18
  • Jumped into things a little too quickly, but discovered her passion
  • Competed in her first competition at 19
  • After the show was over, she just quit doing everything she had been doing and gained 30 lbs in about 6 weeks
  • Hired a new coach and pulled herself out of the rut and realized that she wanted to be, for others, the support that she needed during her difficult time
  • Began working with some friends and family members, and at the beginning of 2020 her business really took off

On her business:

  • Works virtually with 35 clients providing workouts, nutrition, and education
  • Focuses on educating her clients so that when they are done working with her they have the skills they need
  • Had to learn the business side of things from a mentor
  • Has gained ~75% of her clients via referrals from previous clients

On investing in yourself:

  • Coaching is an investment in yourself
  • Committing six months to your health can pay dividends for the rest of your life
  • Changing often requires you to get to a point where continuing down the path you're on is scarier than changing
  • You can't put a price tag on your health
  • Preventative health is key
  • Make your health a non-negotiable
  • We spend lots of money on things we can't afford, but we often don't spend money on our health–the one thing you can't buy

On why people get in shape:

  • You need a reason to keep going during the hard days, because "just wanting to look good" probably won't get you through
  • You need an emotional, deep reason that sticks with you
  • Dig deeper until you really find your why

On what being a client of Chyanne looks like:

  • It's all very personalized, so step one is figuring out what the client needs
  • There are 3 pillars to Chyanne's work:
    • Accountability
    • Nutrition
    • Exercise
  • For accountability, clients get constant communication with Chyanne and regular check-ins
  • For nutrition, it's very client dependent
  • For exercise, it's customized to your likes, time capacity, and equipment available

On small steps to get healthier:

  • Go back to the basics
    • Eat a more balanced diet
    • Get enough sleep
    • Water and walk your body
  • Take care of your body like you'd take care of your dog

On following and connecting with Chyanne:

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