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Meet Chyanne Dover

Builder of the Week

Online Fitness Coach

Personal Trainer

Owner of Lift With Chy

Chyanne Chyanne
Chyanne Bikini Competition Chyanne Bikini Competition
Chyanne Lifting Chyanne Lifting

What is Chyanne’s dream?

Chyanne is an online fitness coach, helping her clients, which are primarily women, to reach their health and fitness goals. She seeks to help her clients learn how to take care of their bodies and to feel confident again. She wants to help women stop falling victim to the diet industry and escape the constant yo-yo dieting.

What inspired her to begin building her coaching business?

Chyanne had her own fitness journey that inspired her to start her business. In 2018, Chyanne competed in a bikini competition and while she did well in the competition, she had a pretty bad rebound afterward. At the time, she was also struggling a lot with her mental health. She really needed someone to be her leader and to support her in more ways than just giving her an exercise and diet plan. Chyanne needed someone there for emotional and moral support. So after she found her way out of that rut, she realized that she wanted to be that resource for others.

What has she accomplished so far?

The opportunity to help many people that she loves dearly has been one of Chyanne’s biggest accomplishments. She has helped them feel confident in themselves, and escape from the risks of illnesses or diseases related to being overweight. She has also built some incredible connections and relationships with others while helping them reach their goals. Chyanne has already been a part of over 50 women’s transformations and is excited to help even more.

What are Chyanne’s next steps?

To take her business to the next level, Chyanne is becoming a better coach by seeking out different mentors within the health and fitness industry. She is working on learning how to educate her clients on how to maintain their results for their entire life. 

In the next year or so Chyanne will need to hire an assistant in order to continue to grow her business even bigger.

How can people support Chyanne?

People can support Chyanne by following her on Instagram: @chy_chy_chy. She also has a free Facebook group with tons of awesome women on similar journeys, as well as an email list where she sends out helpful content. 

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