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About Us

Who We Are

Have you ever felt that nagging feeling in the back of your head when you wake up? The one that says “get up, do better, go to work”? The one that drives you to work harder, lift heavier, and be better? The whole point of Vöxtur is to convert that nagging feeling into something positive, something that propels growth. Vöxtur is the consistent growth shown by persistent individuals. It’s the strength of character that drives someone to keep going, even when it’s hard. Someone who embodies Vöxtur has a healthy discontent with where they are, meaning they know they can be better, and achieve more, and so they do. They don’t postpone their happiness until they achieve some arbitrary goal, but they are happy to keep growing day by day, becoming a better version of themself.

Vöxtur is also a community of people across the globe that can bolster each other up. We can share knowledge and experiences that promote growth in each other. Many of us have experiences that have fostered understanding or helped us develop skills that have helped us to grow forward. Vöxtur is a community where this can be shared across the globe, so that one person may inspire another to keep growing.

Our Vision

Our vision is to lift you and help you unlock your own potential to achieve their dreams. We accomplish our vision by connecting you with other extraordinary people throughout the world. Through these connections, we want to help you realize that you are extraordinary, though you may be at a different phase of the journey. Through exposure to others’ stories and our clothing, we aim to help you realize that success comes in the daily actions you take to grow, and that daily growth is what makes you extraordinary.

Meet the Crew

The guys behind Vöxtur
Nate Elliott

Nate Elliott

Nate is a law student at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington. He graduated from the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University, with degrees in management and finance. He is married to his high school sweetheart, Bailey, and they are expecting their first child this fall. Nate enjoys spending his time watching baseball, reading business books, planning for the future, and laughing with friends. Find out what growth means to Nate.

Taylor in Voxtur Shirt

Taylor Bailey

Taylor is an automation engineer with a taste for audio and video editing. He has a BSE and MS in Mechanical Engineering from Arizona State University. Taylor and his wife, Lexi, enjoy camping and playing music together. He's torn between editing his first book and writing the next one. Learn what growth means to Taylor.