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Welcome to Vöxtur

Welcome to Vöxtur

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What is Vöxtur?


Vöxtur is a place for builders. You might be building a company, a career, a dream lifestyle, or something else. Whatever it is that you're building, we're here to help.

At Vöxtur we believe in learning from others, so we've interviewed some incredible builders. Through our People of Growth interviews, we strive to help you gain inspiration, tips, and insights in order to help you build what you're building. Learn more about Vöxtur.

People of Growth

Meet some of the extraordinary people of the world that exemplify the Vöxtur spirit of growth.

Meet Cokie Hasiotis

Cokie Hasiotis is the Chief of Staff at The Block, the Founder and CEO of Lasagna Consulting, and an advisor for Fintech Today. In this interview, Cokie and Nate discuss how she got wrapped up in so many cool companies, and how she gained the skills necessary to make an impact everywhere she goes. Also, […]

chris davis 2

Meet Chris Davis

Chris Davis is the Founder and Chief Automation Officer of Automation Bridge, a resource for Automating your Marketing. In this interview, Chris and Nate discuss his experience in automation at Lockheed Martin, his journey finding the right mentors, and how he started Automation Bridge. Connect with Chris: Connect with him on LinkedIn Follow him on […]

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